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Maurizio D Francescon

Principled. Proven. Conservative.

I am a fiscal conservative and believe in policies that are fiscally responsible with an ideological basis in capitalism, individualism, and limited government. I believe Harahan embodies principals of enjoying life, secure community, love of family and friends. I want to maintain our quality of life with these principled and proven conservative ideas. So please join me in this journey with your volunteerism, donations, and your vote on November 8, 2022.  

Growth, Vision, & Future Harahan

It is time for new faces and constructive ideas for Harahan's growth and future development in these challenging times we face together. Ask yourself "Has hanging on to past leadership helped Harahan?" That is an important question for our city. As we look at what is happening on the national level, we can see identical trends happening right here locally. For example, holding office for over 30 years and bouncing around from one elected position to another to maintain relevance and not allowing natural succession of new leadership, is being done by career politicians today on a national level and here in our own city and state. It is time for Harahan's rebirth! We need to let go of the past haunts that have put our friends and neighbors against each other. It is time to look at our community as a whole and what will bring us together, not apart. My position for being a representative for the City of Harahan is to be the peacemaking person, a diplomat, a voice of reason, and a logical thinker. I will commit to the promises that I make and will be accountable to the residents.


Currently, the City Harahan is confronted with financial issues of having to work within a balanced budget by becoming engaged in a prodigal spending pattern. It is important to have transparency. Meaning all financial decisions, contracts, justification of job duties, and other pertinent documents pertaining to the city’s operations affecting the residents, should be easily made available for public viewing, not a hassle.


Harahan’s sewer treatment system is riddled with patch work and band-aid fixes, it is time to develop a 5, 10, and 20 years plan to upgrade or replace the current system. In addition, a commitment to the plan regardless of who the mayor or council may be in the future. Harahan's first responders and in particular our front-line responders are the backbone of our community which keep our city safe and secure. Unfortunately, mismanagement of funds, lawsuits, and poor leadership have hampered efforts to increase pay, attrition rate, and loss of focus on successful succession plans for rank officers.


Next, is the development of Colonial and its future outcome. Currently, I am the Chairman of Harahan Planning and Zoning Board. I volunteer my time to make sure the aspects of this development follow all city, parish, and state laws when it comes to developing Colonial. I have spent many late-night hours researching and understanding all aspects of this project and other planning and zoning projects in Harahan. Any questions or concerns about this project, I can call the developer, Danny McKearan, directly. He has always been open, honest, and transparent with me. This is the largest project in Harahan's history that will double Harahan's tax base, but it is also important that the future growth of this project continues, and the city’s infrastructure (sewer and storm water) maintain and grow with the development’s demands. So, it is important to have a long-term plan in place for future generations.


The City of Harahan suffered wide-spread damage due to Hurricane Ida. In the recovery, Harahan Playground became center stage for holding debris; but prior to Hurricane Ida, there were promises made to redevelop this park to accommodate children from all aspects of life. Sadly, bathrooms, handicap walkways, and the gym are still in disarray, or the project was never fulfilled. Just like I stated with the sewer system, Harahan Playground, the gym, and Harahan Senior Center needs to develop a 5, 10, and 20 years plan on maintenance, growth, and sustainably.


Lastly, Harahan's sovereignty is important to its residents, and I understand what that means. This autonomy has ranked us at the top of the state as the safest communities in Louisiana. We enjoy knowing we call upon our leadership with a phone call or knock at their door. This means we control our results and our future. It is also important to recognize our partner communities, Jefferson Parish, and our state leadership because we are all in this together. Working together will bring about the change needed to grow and maintain our community for future generations. 

My Commitments to the people of Harahan

  1. Transparency of Harahan's financial budget.

  2. Long term sustainability and growth plan for Harahan's water treatment system.

  3. Future growth and retention plan for our first responders

  4. Responsibly grow and develop the Colonial Development. 

  5. New Vision for Harahan Playground.

  6. New Vision for Harahan Senior Center.

  7. Maintain open communication with Jefferson Parish leadership and state leaders

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Dear Harahan Citizens
Hello everyone, I am running for Harahan City Council. I want to provide a bio of my life and what Harahan means to me. I will start with my late father, Bruno Francescon, who immigrated from Venice, Italy to work in the United States in the early 60’s. He later met my mother and married while living in New Orleans. Eventually moving to Harahan to buy a home and expand their family which ended up with me in the mix. My sister Sabrina and I are first generation Americans both whom grew up in Harahan in our family home on Macque Drive. I have lived in Harahan for 45 years. I attended school in Harahan. l graduated from De La Salle High School Class of 96’. I attended Holy Cross College for a few semesters and eventually completed my undergraduate degree and MBA from the University of Phoenix. I then worked in the private sector for over twenty years for companies starting with the Home Depot North America in customer service, then Orchid Ceramics a multinational company with their headquarters in Colombia, South America providing manufacturing and distribution of home improvement needs. Then the last 12 years I have been with AT&T helping customers with their telecommunications needs. I currently volunteer my time as Chairman for the Harahan Planning and Zoning Board. As your chairman for planning and zoning my job is to make sure all city ordinances are followed based on city planning. Our meetings are open and transparent. Planning and Zoning board meetings are open to all citizens to voice their pros or cons for projects. Most days I sit with my spouse on the front porch of our home in Harahan drinking coffee in the mornings or sitting enjoying the evenings situated on West Avenue known as the yellow house with the red door behind Robears Snowball stand. We enjoy our life here. We have wonderful neighbors on West Ave and my extended neighbors on Macque Drive. To me, what is great about Harahan is it’s people. We ban together and look out for each other especially during hurricane season. We have cooked for each other, checked on each other’s houses, and make sure we are safe. I enjoy this life in Harahan and want to maintain our good quality of life. Our city has been around for over 100 years now. I want to be a part of that fabric that will make this city last for future generations. So I would appreciate your vote on November 8, 2022. Vote Maurizio Francescon #84 for Harahan City Council


Maurizio's Bio

Throwing Caps

Education & Career

  1. St. Rita Elementary School Harahan, LA Class of 1992

  2. De La Salle High School New Orleans, LA Class of 1996

  3. University of Phoenix Business Management (BM) Phoenix, AZ 2003

  4. University of Phoenix Global Business Management (MBAGM) Phoenix, AZ 2006

  5. Strayer University, Master of Human Resource Management (MSHRM) Virgina, Washington DC

  6. The Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing and Advanced Interrogation Techniques Chicago, Illinois 2021


  1. AT&T New Orleans area retail and customer service 12 years. ​

  2. Ceramic Tile Super Center/Orchid Ceramics/CoCeramica Medellin, Colombia, South America

  3. Home Depot Harahan, Louisiana retail store

  4. Carr Stone & Tile Jefferson, Louisiana

  5. Curb-A-Garden Kenner, Louisiana

  6. Zea Rotisserie & Cafe Harahan, Louisiana


239 West Ave

Harahan, LA 70123

email or call for volunteering and donations.

Make Checks payable to: Maurizio Francescon

Venmo @maurizio-francescon2

CashApp $MaurizioFrancescon

Facebook - We the People of Harahan 2 


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